Tips to Choose Your Moisturizer According to Skin


Sometimes it becomes very hard to choose a moisturizer. You are tired of trying different brands. People recommend their favorite particular brand. You try it but it does not work for you. Now the question arises why do moisturizers which work for others do not work for you?

People have different types of skin. Due to different skin types, it is not possible that a typical moisturizer works for one person and does not work for another person. In the market, there are different types of moisturizers that serve different purposes. So, you need to get a moisturizer according to your skin type.  The best possible way of choosing the right moisturizer is, either identify your skin type or consult a dermatologist for Tips to Choose Your Moisturizer According to Skin.

Tips to Choose Your Moisturizer According to Skin

Acne-Prone Or Oily Skin:  For oily skin, light lotions work better. Moisturizers having alpha-hydroxy acids help in eliminating dead skin cells, dissolving extra oil, and exfoliating pores. The moisturizers also have anti-aging effects. On the other hand, moisturizers that contain different types of acids are not good for acne-prone or oily skin types as they further disturb the skin condition. Visit a dermatologist for a suitable moisturizer for acne-prone or oily skin.

Sensitive Skin: People having sensitive skin must look for a moisturizer that is free of fragrance, has the least number of ingredients and has hypoallergic qualities too. Products containing mostly natural ingredients are more preferable for people with sensitive skin.

Dry Or Itchy Skin: Ointment-type moisturizers are good for dry skin as such products are heavier in density and work as a protective barrier to the skin. Those products hydrate your skin well and help lock the moisture into your skin. Such products contain elements like glycerin, lanoline, hyaluronic acid, mineral oil, and protein with healing properties.

Normal Skin: People with normal skin type must look for cream moisturizers as it is not as thick as ointments but are more hydrating than lotions.

Other Things You Must Know

  • Moisturizers comprise antioxidant properties that are good for all skin types.
  • While choosing the moisturizer, you should also look for a product that not only moisturizes your skin but also provides you protection from UV rays and other harmful factors. For this, moisturizer must contain SPF 30 or more is best.
  • It is not a hard and fast rule that you can only use one kind of moisturizer. For better hydration, you can use thick and heavier moisturizers, which are free from fragrance and lighter as it is good for your sensitive facial skin.
  • For the best-hydrated skin, daily moisturize your skin, especially at night.
  • While purchasing the moisturizer, you must read the label of the product even if they say it is free from fragrance as some products have needless perfumes and colors and also constitute elements that will bother your skin.
  • After a shower, apply the moisturizer on your skin as it is wet at that time. The reason is that water is the main element of good, healthy, and nourished skin. Applying moisturizer after a shower will help lock moisture and absorb it into the skin.
  • Do not rub your skin hard for applying lotion or moisturizer. You retain moisturizer for a longer time on your skin by patting the moisturizer on dry skin rather than wiping it.