5 Daily Food Protein Sources to Adopt


A balanced diet consists of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, fibers, and water. Among all these components, protein is majorly essential in the growth and development of the body. Natural food protein sources include meat, seafood, legumes, etc. There are many raw protein sources to adopt, which are beneficial for bodybuilding as well.

 Why Our Body Needs Protein?

Food protein sources are essential for the processes that fuel energy and carry oxygen throughout the body. Proteins help make antibodies that fight against infectious agents and keep our cells healthy. Protein is an essential building block of our bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin. The body uses proteins in tissue repair.

It also reduces muscle loss, builds lean body mass, maintains a healthy weight, and keeps us full for longer. So it can be used in weight loss while providing the proper nutrients to the body cells. There are many raw protein sources to adopt, which are beneficial for bodybuilding as well.

Natural Food Protein Sources in Our Daily Life

Some raw proteins sources to adopt include:

  1. Poultry 

One of the primary food protein sources is poultry. It includes chicken, turkey, duck, emu, goose, bush, and birds. It must be added at least once a week to our diet for the healthy growth of bones and muscles. It has the highest amounts of proteins and includes other vitamins and minerals like zinc, potassium, and iron. Consumption of poultry meat reduces the risk of developing overweight, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes mellitus. Also, white meat is considered protective against cancer risk. The relevance of poultry meat is recognized by UN food and agricultural organization. It is comparatively not so expensive and extensively available anywhere.

  1. Fish and Seafood

Fish and seafood contain a high-quality protein with all the essential amino acids required by the human body. It is a complete protein source. Seafood containing high protein includes fish of many varieties, shrimps, prawns, lobsters, mussels, cockles, and others. Seafood is also loaded with vitamin B 12, potassium, magnesium, and other nutrients. It also boosts our brain and maintains good eyesight. It also prevents and treats depression. It is pricey however it is considered one of the best sources of proteins. On the other hand, it may cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and abdominal cramps due to different bacteria species contaminating seafood.

  1. Egg White 

Egg white is another important food protein source. It also contains high-quality protein with all the essential amino acids. The egg yolk contains most vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, while the egg white contains proteins. About 91% of the calories in egg whites come from proteins. Egg whites are excellent for muscles growth and development. They help in strengthening muscles, reducing fatigue, and boosting immunity levels if taken regularly and properly. They are high in their nutritional value, so egg whites help fight obesity and other diseases. However, eating raw egg whites can cause allergic reactions, food poisoning, and nausea in some people.

  1. Legumes and Beans 

Legumes and beans are very high in protein. They include soybeans, lentils, white beans, split peas, kidney beans, black beans, etc. These foods are famous around the world for being heart-healthy and economical. They can also be stored for long periods and used in times of food crisis. They are also good sources of fiber, iron, and potassium. Hopsecger says that one serving of beans (1/2 cup cooked) provides about 7 grams of protein, the same as one meat punch. They also contain beneficial plant compounds that reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Chickpeas are the healthiest and provide a significant amount of protein and fiber.

  1. Dairy Products 

Dairy products provide proteins. They include milk, yogurt, cream, and cheese. They contain not only proteins contain proteins and valuable calcium, and vitamin D essential for bones development and the strength to fight against cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Choosing dairy products makes bones and teeth stronger and prevents osteoporosis. These products must be added to breakfast to feel healthy and active the whole day. Dairy products also give us fresh, clear, and smooth skin.

Healthy food is the foremost requirement of every individual. We should add high-quality natural food protein sources to our diets along with all the other essential nutrients. In this way, a balanced diet helps our body to work effectively. Junk food makes our body prone to low performance, laziness, and anxiety. Healthy foods also allow us to stay emotionally stronger and fight diseases. Eating healthy keeps us in good health later in life too.