Origin of Swine Flu


In first Swine flu are discovered in pigs in 1918. It was very similar to the human influenza but with the passage of time it becomes more and more painful and dangerous disease. In 1930 a virus discovered by scientists that was consider as the one of the causes of swine flu. Then it also found in different type of birds. But latter on it became a killing disease for human beings. 1997 to 2000 some other virus discovered that are known as swine and avian, these virus are very dangerous and consider as the main cause of this diseases in North America.

But latter on it began to spread in other consecutive as well as far counties. In 1976 swine flu attacked the united state’ army. Many army officers were killed by swine flu in a very short time. Then united state’s researchers and scientist try their best to introduce the vaccination of swine flu. On the day of starting of this vaccination the senior citizen of the united state unfortunately died with swine flu. So swine flu became a long fear for the people as well as govt. At that time people did not relay on the govt. and its heath programs. That time was very hard and tough for the govt. of United States.

In 1988 a 32 year old pregnant women died due to swine flu but fortunately doctors were successes to save her daughter before her death. His husband was also suffering from this disease but he was recovered after vaccination. In 1998 the virus of swine flu also was found in pigs in some areas of USA. And according to scientists cause of this virus was human and bird flu.

In start the viruses of swine flu are classified into main three types that are Influenza A, Influenza B, and Influenza C. These types of viruses also have many subtypes. With the passage of time ideas, knowledge and fact of the people about swine flu have changed. And more effective vaccination is introduced for swine flu. Now the treatment of this disease is applied by keeping view of the bad and killing effects of this disease.

Researches on swine flu viruses did not stop after the discovery of swine flu due to it bad effects on many countries. It was badly effected the economy and human capital of the many countries. In 2007 it was proved by some tests that it spread only because of backyard of pig’s farms.

According to most recent researcher World Health Organization H1N1 is a main cause of swine flu in human. And now swine flu has become a very common and danger disease in many countries. The governments of those countries trying their best to up root swine flu by invention of some very effective treatment.